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"I offer you a comfortable, professional environment combined with expert training and years of experience.  I love what I do!"   

     Hillary received her training at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy in Pittsburgh PA.  She earned her diplomas in both the Basic Massage Therapy Training and Advanced Massage Therapy Training for a total of over 600 hours, including over 140 hours of Neuromuscular Therapy. She has been a massage therapist since 1999 and has worked in massage schools, a day spa, hair salon, private practice, and is an instructor of massage therapy.

     Hillary has developed her style to combine the relaxing qualities of Swedish Massage with the deep tissue work of Neuromuscular Therapy (also known as trigger point work). This blend allows her to offer you the best therapeutic massage to manage your stress while allowing you to relax in a comfortable environment. 

     With years of experience, and over six hundred hours of training, Hillary is able to help you with neck pain, headaches, leg pain or whatever your area of tension is.  Call today!

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